Why backITup?


Small to medium businesses can suffer severe repercussions if their critical data is not securely backed up at an off-site location. A flood, power surge, hardware failure, or even basic user error can wipe out critical data. According to numerous studies, less than 40% of all small to medium size businesses regularly back up their data. Businesses cannot afford to lose time attempting to rebuild their lost of vital data and information. In order to prevent such a situation from happening, it is imperative that an offsite backup system be used, providing secure copies of all critical data and information

So what would happen if you lost that data? Could you recreate it? Even if you could recreate it, how much time would this process take? How much money would it cost you in lost business and lost opportunities? And finally, would your business even survive? If your business is like most businesses today, your computer data is vital to your everyday operations. In fact, information is often regarded as the lifeblood of today’s businesses.



Viruses, Hackers and Spyware

Computer viruses, hackers and spyware can wreak havoc on a company’s network and data infrastructure. Viruses are getting more dangerous; spyware is getting more malicious and hackers more brazen.


Hard Drive and Hardware Failures

While hard drives are constantly getting better, faster, and cheaper and are storing more data, they are still extremely susceptible to failure. In fact, all hard drives will eventually fail as they are not designed to last forever. And of course, unfortunately, you never know when they will fail. Power surges, electrostatic shocks, circuit board shorts and head crashes can all wipe out the data that is stored on your hard drives


Natural Disasters and Theft

You probably have business interruption insurance that will protect your physical assets from disasters such as fires and floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. But what is protecting your data? Anything that can damage your office can destroy your computers and the information that they store. And on top of natural disasters, we live in a world today where terrorism and theft must be considered.


Human Error

Even the greatest of employees aren’t perfect. Sooner or later, by accident, an important document will get deleted, a spreadsheet overwritten or a crucial database corrupted. Hopefully you now have an understanding of the importance of ensuring that your company’s data is always safe and always available to you. Now, find out why online backup is the easiest, safest and most affordable way to protect your data.